Monday, 23 January 2012

Production Diary

19th September 2011

On the 19th, Dave put us into groups for his assignment which is to produce a VT which lasts up to 2 minutes which conjoins with Ricardo's assignment which is to produce a news package which shows a pre-recorded VT. As a group we started to gather research to produce a concept for our news package. After doing research we found our final concept which was Alcohol Awareness.

For the next lesson, we planned to do the following next:

  • Program Proposal

26th September 2011

Today we started our Program Proposal, this was a team effort and a lot of team communication was needed, everybody had to pitch in their idea's to form this document. It was important that everybody had their say on this so that it was something everybody wanted to do and that they wasn't left out. As a team we worked very well and covered all of the program proposal brief.

For the next lesson, we planned to capture some footage on location.

3rd October 2011

Today we captured footage, we booked out a Sony V1 camera from the college and filled out a camera and location risk assessment so that we knew the risks and found it safe to film on location. We captured footage of bars nearby and anything alcohol related such as beer bottles etc. A variety of camera techniques was used such as a pull focus, tilt, panning etc. This makes the shots look very effective and will make the VT look more of a professional quality after it has been edited.

In the next lesson, we will want to start editing as a group as we decided to all take on the role of editing as we all found editing isn't our strongest attribute, so if we all pitch in and help with the editing because we all know basics of editing because we was given the tutorial of editing, it would be easier and more likely to finish in a better result than an individual edit.

10th October 2011

Firstly we had to run an capture the footage we filmed by keeping the DV tape inside the camera and plugging the camera into the computer and perform this act in Final Cut Pro. After the filmed was captured to the computer, it was automatically put into the library of Final Cut Pro so we could start on the editing. After todays session, we didn't finish all of the editing so in the next lesson we finish this edit off so that we can proceed with the group work.

17th October 2011

Today we had a slow start to the lesson, at around 1pm we started to carry on with the edit of the VT, we started to add transitions into the footage so that everything ran smoothly and professional, the transition that we used was cross dissolve. We decided to keep the style of the final VT by sticking to the same transition.

Next to do is the Running Order

24th October 2011

In this lesson, we need to do a running order for our news package so that we can start rehearsals. The running order shows information such as the cumulative time of the whole production, then the item title so you know whats happens during that time, then you have the item time so yo know how long that particular part of the show will be. The other informations shows what audio and graphics are used during that particular shot and it also shows what the item will be focusing on in the shot. This took a long time to produce as we had to decide on the schedule and think about the structure of the news package.

31st October 2011

Today we gave out production roles to our group, this was done fairly and asked who wanted to do what, and the way it went is that nobody wanted the same role so then there was no problem how it ended up. The role I had chose was Floor Manager, Kassem was the Director, Imogen is our producer and Mikael is our vision mixer. After we chose this we was given a check list of what tasks to complete in responsibility of our role. After this we planned to do interviews for the next lessons to students on campus for our alcohol awareness campaign, we then came up with possible questions to ask the interviewee and this was important so a lot of thought had to go into this. We came up with these questions to gain enough information for our news package and we was ready for our interviews for the next day.

7th November 2011

Today we hired the Sony V1 camera out to record our interviews, as we gathered the equipment such as tripods and everything, we asked students if they had time to take part in interviews for our assignment. Some students accepted and some declined for numerous reasons. We interviewed 3 different students asking the possible questions for the VT. We interviewed 3 people for the reasons that we had enough footage for the editing and that we gathered a variety of answers and scenarios. After the interviews we immediately started to add these interviews to our edit of our VT.

Sessions leading up to 11th January 2012

During these sessions I started my 1500 word essay for my written assignment. I also completed the tasks which I was responsible for in my role of Floor Manager, this included, Floor plan, Risk assessment, call sheet, contact list and signal pathway.

I also had an individual one on one tutorial with my tutor to track my progress and received a checklist to make sure I am on track with my assignment

11th January 2012

Today we did our rehearsals for our News Packages, during my role on floor manager, I think I did my job perfectly. As a group performance I think it went great and feel confident for our practical assessment. The studio was set up by everybody to make sure was in working order and when it was time for rehearsal for each group tasks were taken up again e.g. studio was cleared of any debris to make sure everything was safe, this was an example of a task for the floor manager role.

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