Thursday, 19 January 2012

Research Portfolio

For my research portfolio, I decided to watch a talk-show broadcasted on ITV in the daytime. The show is not a live broadcast, it is recorded, edited and then the show will be put on television to be broadcasted.

After watching one of the shows of of Jeremy Kyle, I learnt that the show is a multi-cam production, I know this because there is  more than one camera being used whilst watching this particular extract. The cameras I counted was 5 camera set up around the studio to film this production. One camera is on a crane which is responsible for all the high angle shots and the wide shots and is located at the back of the studio. Another camera is located in the audience which is most likely handheld to make the shot realistic and show the audience reaction. The other three cameras are located at the front of the studio just behind the stage so that they can film the guests and the presenter of the show. One on these will mainly focus on the presenter which is jeremy kyle when he is speaking, the other two cameras will focus on the guests which are speaking. Whilst the wide shot camera which is located at the back of the studio, is being used, this is a safety shot which captures most of the talk show which allows the other camera to set up a shot which could include the next guest, people from the audience or even backstage. One of these cameras located at the front could possible be on a dolly so that it can pan left and right of the stage which covers more shots and angles of the studio. The way the cameras have been setup works as they all correspond together and capture everything when needed and not wasting a shot opportunity.

From watching this extract you can see that the guests and the presenter are using mini microphones which are attached to their clothes to capture the sound. This makes it easy for everyone to have more movement and freedom are the studio. This also prevent to use of a boom mic operator following everybody around the studio and being caught in the cameras and being shown in the broadcast as this would look very un-professional.

You can notice that the show needs a crew that consists of camera operators, floor manager(s), vision mixer, director and a presenter. These are vital and most multi-camera productions will need these crew members during any production. I also found out that they use these particular crew members and more by reading the credits at the end of the show, I will use the credits of the show as my reference.

Floor Plan:

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