Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Production Diary Week 5


Today we were told to come up with ideas on full studio sets for our live multi camera shoot. All the idea's we generate will be put into one idea which will be our final set design for the shoot. The find idea's I would have to do primary and secondary research and most probably create a document with all the final ideas together to show the final set design. The things I have in mind for my set design is to be Unique, Professional and Creative.

We have been told to start creating a treatment for our live multi camera shoot, this will become very useful before we actually decide our final set design because we will need to know the target audience, after knowing this information you can choose specific equipment for the set which will entertain the target audience. The treatment will let you know what kind of show we will be shooting and what type of music will be playing which can also give us a big clue on what to decide for our set design.

Production Diary Week 4


Today we generated ideas for new props which would be suitable for our live show. The props needed to be suitable with the music which was going to be used. You could use a microphone on a stand if someone was going to be singing solo. If there was a drum set, piano and other musical instruments that were not going to be used then it would be an unsuitable for the set design. I then started to focus on the set design and I used a studio catalogue called 'Main Catalogue 18' to look for stage equipment, accessories and lighting which can be used on set for the live show.

  • Lasers
  • Smoke Machine
  • Audio Systems (Speakers)
  • Stage

Production Diary Week 1


The Class was shown a range of creative composition photos which have been nominated for the Pulitzer prize and that have won the Pulitzer prize. We then learnt how to create creative composition photos by applying specific rules such as 'rule of thirds' and 'depth of field'. We was then given a task of finding a creative composition photo and had to talk about how the author of the photo had applied the rules. The photo I used was by Banksy which is an anonymous graffiti artist who is very popular and is very well-known. The photo I used from this artist was called  'Flower Bomber' this photo represents replacing war and violence with love and peace. The whole picture is in monochrome and only the flowers are in colour to emphasise that the thug is throwing a bunch of flowers instead of a molotov which represents anti-war.

Production Diary Week 2


On the 21st of February, we was divided up into groups of 5 and had the task to film footage to be edited into a 30 second intro for a live music show. We was given the Panasonic P2 cameras. Before we went to film footage for the intro, we were given a full tutorial on how to use these P2 cameras and Peter went over the techniques we were familiar with but to make sure we understood all these techniques which really helped as it helped refresh my knowledge on the cameras. The techniques he went through was;
  • Gain
  • White Balance
  • Iris/Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • Zooming Techniques
  • How to use a tripod correctly
  • Exposure
We then went out recording footage using these techniques correctly and bearing them in mind and the results were a better standard. After we went out capturing footage, cutaways and general views, we then log and transferred instead of log and capture because we used the P2 Media Cards instead of Mini DV Tapes ready to edit for the next lesson.

Production Diary Week 3


We got put into a group of 5, Myself, Kassem, Andy, Nyasha and Luis. We had to work to the clients requirements which was that the footage had to be 30 seconds long, no shorter, no longer. We all worked together offering creative idea's to be put together in a 30 second final edit. We used transitions to sew the footage together so it looked professional and looked suitable for a music genre video.

After taking part in this project I think this has helped me with my editing skills and have gave me confidence to work on a self project if any come up in the future. I feel that I can record footage of my own and put the raw footage together in a sequence using editing software such as Final Cut Pro.