Friday, 13 January 2012

Practical Project Production Roles

Throughout my project, I have taken on three different roles. One of these roles being a Researcher. The researcher role is quite straight forward. I took this role at the beginning of this project as the same as the rest of my team members in the group. After we had mind mapped initial ideas and came up with our main topic to focus on, we all started to research on Alcohol.  Most of our research was secondary research gathered from the internet. All the research gathered was referenced. I then started to research about news packages and make comments about them, these news packages were easy to find as their is a lot of them out there, I also researched about different Alcohol Awareness campaigns which again wasn't too hard to find. Overall as a Researcher, I think I did a very good job researching as well as the group. I didn't mind any difficulties during this role. One change I would make being a researcher is to try harder to gain primary research instead of secondary.

The second role I took part in was being a Camera Operator. I took this role when myself, kassem and mikael went on location to film some footage for our VT. Whilst we was on location, we filmed general views and used different techniques and shots such as; Panning, Tilting, Pull Focus, Overshoulder and close ups. These shots and techniques were very effective when it came to the editing process. I think throughout this project I was more hands off and gave more suggestions of different shots and techniques, rather than using the camera myself. I think if I was given this role again I would be more efficient and be more practical with the camera. As a camera operator and going on location, it was important to be aware of health and safety and produce a camera risk assessment. Everybody got involved producing the camera risk assessment.

My next role in the project was Editor. This role was shared with each member of the group as we all discussed Editing is not any of our strongest points. I think this role was a very enjoyable role because we got to put the footage we filmed together in our own creative style. After experiencing this role for this first time. I think the changes I would make is add a lot more techniques and use transitions appropriately to make the whole video look neat and tidy. I think I wasn't as effective as an Editor but I will bare this in mind and try to improve my editing skills for future experience.

I wasn't involved in a role due to being absent. This role was Script Writer. Imogen, Kassem and Mikael created a script for the news package. I think they did a very good job on producing the script for the presenter and the guest  and was very effective. Although I was absent at the time, when I was next present, I did however give idea's on the script and produced some questions for the guests.

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