Friday, 13 January 2012


Throughout my project, I think all my objectives have been met. As taking part in different roles, I think I worked sufficiently to complete all tasks within the roles to meet these objectives. One of our goals was to complete a VT which lasts between 1 and 2 minutes long. As a group we got the footage needed and used editing software to put the footage together to create the footage. The interviews and general views was tied up into one video using Final Cut Pro. I think all of our involvement in this process of the goal was effective.

Another on of our goals was to complete all tasks within each role allocated. I think I met this goal because every task within the role I took on was completed. The only part of this goal I didn't meet was the Script Writing role for the reason I was absent. To make up for my absence I contributed idea's to the script and questions for the VT in time so that they could be considered and used for the interviews.

As a group, we ran into obsticles such as choosing a name for our production and this hindered a lot of our time as it was very time consuming. We managed to clear this obstacles and to carry on with our goals and come up with a name in the mean time. I think this was important to manage this obstacle like this as there was danger of our group falling behind on our work and producing our VT in time.

Overall as a team member, I would rate myself as an average member because I met my tasks and goals but I also let my group down with my absence but tried to make up for that time by contributing ideas afterwards. If I could back and re-do this project, I would definitely be more punctual so I could offer more help in my group. I would have tried to aim high than just reaching and complete goals, for example my our final edit of the VT more professional by using more effects and transitions. 

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