Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Production Diary Week 5


Today we were told to come up with ideas on full studio sets for our live multi camera shoot. All the idea's we generate will be put into one idea which will be our final set design for the shoot. The find idea's I would have to do primary and secondary research and most probably create a document with all the final ideas together to show the final set design. The things I have in mind for my set design is to be Unique, Professional and Creative.

We have been told to start creating a treatment for our live multi camera shoot, this will become very useful before we actually decide our final set design because we will need to know the target audience, after knowing this information you can choose specific equipment for the set which will entertain the target audience. The treatment will let you know what kind of show we will be shooting and what type of music will be playing which can also give us a big clue on what to decide for our set design.

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