Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Production Diary Week 1


The Class was shown a range of creative composition photos which have been nominated for the Pulitzer prize and that have won the Pulitzer prize. We then learnt how to create creative composition photos by applying specific rules such as 'rule of thirds' and 'depth of field'. We was then given a task of finding a creative composition photo and had to talk about how the author of the photo had applied the rules. The photo I used was by Banksy which is an anonymous graffiti artist who is very popular and is very well-known. The photo I used from this artist was called  'Flower Bomber' this photo represents replacing war and violence with love and peace. The whole picture is in monochrome and only the flowers are in colour to emphasise that the thug is throwing a bunch of flowers instead of a molotov which represents anti-war.

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