Monday, 24 October 2011

News Package Concept

Groups have been selected at random. The group members including me are: Kassem Berraies, Imogen Howkins and Mikael Hasanzad. As a group together we got stuck into group idea's and started to mind map a few idea's on paper and this is what it looked like. We decided to choose different topics and give little factors of each topic which we could talk about.

Student Life

The cost of living

Student Accommodation
Food and Drink
Student Finance


The cost of smoking
The dangers of smoking
Dangers to others
Social smoking

The cost of alcohol
How much they people drink on a night out
Social drinking
Dangers of drinking
Age they started
How many units do they consume on a night out
Binge Drinking


The different type of drugs
The classifications
The dangers of drugs
The costs of drugs

After researching four different topics, everybody seemed interesting on the topic of Alcohol and we all had experience and knowledge with Alcohol and seen this as our strong point so we decided to base our news package on this topic. All research was primary research between the group members.

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